Seagreen’s Klovinal Now Back and Better in Nigeria – Pharm Orokotan


Klovinal, a brand of polyactive pessaries, which had been off the shelves in Nigeria for some time, is back in the market and has become popular in the management of vaginitis.

This was disclosed by the Regional Manager (South-West), Seagreen Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited, Pharm. Olalekan Ayodeji Orokotan, during the official re-launch of the drug  at the opening ceremony of the 37th Annual National Conference of the Association of Community Pharmacists (ACPN), tagged “Edo 2018” and held at SIO Events Centre, Benin City, Edo State.

Pharm. Olalekan Ayodeji Orokotan

According to Orotokan, Klovinal, first introduced into the market few years ago, is specially formulated for the management of vaginitis caused by bacterial, fungal and protozoal organisms.

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“Klovinal has a spectrum of antimicrobial activity that covers the three most prevalent forms of vaginitis, which are bacteria vaginosis, vaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis, making it suitable for empirical or syndromic management of vaginitis including mixed infections.

“Seagreen’s zeal to respond to the yearnings of the healthcare industry for a solution that can provide sustained cure against vaginitis heralded the launch of Klovinal about four years ago. It has become a household name in the management of vaginal infection, and medical and other healthcare practitioners have come identify with it as a trusted name in the management of vaginal infection,” Orotokan said.

Speaking on the sudden shortfall of the product experienced by its customers earlier in the year, the Seagreen executive explained that it was caused by logistical challenges, as demand for the product overshot supply.

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“Being a product that is not produced in Nigeria, it was difficult correcting the shortfall; but now, all those shortcomings have been overcome. And we can assure the healthcare providers and our numerous customers that Klovinal is back and better and stronger. It will always be readily available in all pharmacies across the country,” he assured.

Speaking further, he noted that Klovinal is a veritably unique product in its category, presenting a paradigm shift in the management of vaginitis, by moving from merely eradicating pathogenic species to a system where microbiological cure is augmented by re-establishing the dominance of the healthy normal flora.



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