The Roses Ministry Visits Pharmanews, Shows Appreciation for Media Support


In appreciation for the continued media support received from Pharmanews over the years, and to rejoice with the Pharmanews Managing Director, Pharm. (Sir) Ifeanyi Atueyi, who celebrated his 80th birthday and 40th anniversary of Pharmanews last October, The Roses Ministry team, led by the Founder, Pharm. (Mrs) Regina Ezenwa, visited Pharmanews corporate head office, in Mende, Maryland, Lagos on Wednesday, 29 January, 2020.

Thanking God for the sustenance of the publication over the last 40 years, and the preservation of the life of the publisher, Ezenwa said it is definitely obvious that God has kept the business for that long period of time.

“The life of Sir Atueyi is an example of a life of dedication to God and humanity, because the publication of Pharmanews for forty years shows clearly that God has a central place in it, and He has been strengthening the publisher, even at 80 to still write things that are edifying to people, and exhort readers.

“Together we have come to rejoice with you, about Pharmanews, the foremost Pharmaceutical Journal, not just in Nigeria, but in West Africa. And praise God that it is now a global health journal, with the website accessible for the global audience to read the monthly editions, with loads of other daily stories. Thank you very much and we rejoice with you over these successes”, she stated.

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Acknowledging the huge level of work that had gone into the publication for it to attain its position in the healthcare industry today, she recalled how she read about the commencement of the business as narrated by the publisher, how Merck Germany gave him the first set of adverts and that brought about the birth of Pharmanews, forty years ago, and it has been sustained.

Roses Ministry Visits Pharmanews, Shows Appreciation for Media Support
Pharm. (Sir) Ifeanyi Atueyi, (middle) presenting a copy of his autobiography to Pharm. (Mrs) Regina Ezenwa, while other team members of The Roses’ Ministry, Mrs Alice Odoemenem (left); Mrs Tee Obianwu (second from left) and Mrs Bisi Sodipe(right) look in admiration.

She further expressed the profound gratitude of her organisation to Pharmanews, for the media coverages of her ministry’s events, which have enhanced support from pharmaceutical companies to the ministry.

“So we have come to say thank you for the support you give to us in covering our two major events in the year. We work of course from January to December, like we’ve already had a spiritual retreat then February we start having fellowships, where we minister about general lifestyle and change in character to the participants. It runs all through the end of the year, with healthcare programmes and vocational trainings. Our aim is not just giving them fish but teaching them how to catch fish.

“We at The Roses Ministry have also come to say thank you, because we started 11 years ago, and right from the year we started reaching out, our vision was to show God’s love to the hurting and vulnerable in practical ways. We started reaching out to youths, trying to raise a righteous generation of youths, and vulnerable women as well. But with time, we focused more on widows because we saw more vulnerability among widows”, she further explained.

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Still speaking on the activities of the ministry, she said they have been taking care of diabetic and hypertensive widows since 2010, in the sense that they monitor the widows’ blood pressure and sugar level, then give them their medications free of charge. “One of the principal things I must say that Pharmanews is doing for us is that the publication have made pharmaceutical companies aware of what we are doing, which usually motivate a lot of them to come around and support us, in terms of medications and financial support”.

She however stated that the number of the widows under their care have increased in the last few years. “Years before, we had over 600 widows, but right now, if we check, we might be talking about 700 to 800 patients, with most of them hypertensive, and you know how much it costs to get anti-hypertensive drugs. However due to the support from pharmaceutical companies, we have been able to sustain it,” she remarked.

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She continued: “You may not have known how the publication has helped in the exposure of our activities, but it has helped us a great deal. We appreciate you and the entire team of Pharmanews for the cooperation over the years”.

In his response, the Pharmanews boss thanked The Roses’ Ministry team for coming over to felicitate with him and Pharmanews team on the anniversary.

Atueyi told her team members how diligent and dedicated Ezenwa is, noting that if she had wanted to be in the academics, she would have been a professor by now. “She is where God has directed her to be. What you are doing is a great humanitarian service, because God honours services rendered to the needy and poor”.

He promised that Pharmanews will continue to support the organisation as they have been doing. On a lighter note, Atueyi explained how he became familiar with The Roses’ Ministry Founder, saying he became familiar with her not because she is a pharmacist, brilliant, and beautiful, “but because she is blessed in marrying an old boy of DMGS Onitsha. When you marry an old boy of DMGS, you have no problem”.

The Pharmanews boss encouraged the staff of The Roses Ministry to continue with their dedicated and humanitarian service, while assuring them of divine provisions.




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