The Wellness Tree – Part 1- The Explanation



Dr Patrick Ijewere


This edition is about the journey of the wellness tree and how it came to be.  A tree, as is seen on the wellness tree, there are roots, are branches, and a trunk.

The Roots

The roots have five roots: Spirituality, Mindset, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environment. We call this the five pillars of wellness. This implies, if there’s balance in the root, it’s a very healthy tree. If there is deficiency, if there is chemical pollutants in the soil, if the soil is unhealthy, inadequate, the soil is imbalanced. If the soil is not well cared, the roots that are in the soil would be unhealthy and cause an unhealthy tree.

The Branches and Leaves

Healthy roots give rise to a healthy tree.  The evidence is in the branches and leaves. A healthy tree has leaves that are green and radiant. We call or label those branches, “Wellness”. Thus, the leaves are radiant green at the top of the Wellness Tree.

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Whereas, when the tree is unhealthy due to unhealthy roots and deficient soil, the branches give rise to leaves that are yellow, orange, and, or red. And these branches have been labelled with the different chronic degenerative inflammatory medical conditions or diseases.

Hence, it’s imperative that we take care of the root system. Failure to do so,  these PILLARS of  Wellness, these roots could easily and rapidly become the ROOTS of all our Illnesses. The red, orange, yellow leaves represent illnesses, ranging from head to toe Starting with neurological and neurodegenerative ailments, including ocular or eye diseases, memory impairments leading to dementia. Ailments of the Oral and dental cavity, from gingivitis, to periodontitis, to recurrent dental carries.

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Likewise, if the root system is impaired, ailments of the respiratory system, could also present. Ailments of the respiratory system, from sinus conditions to pharyngitis, to bronchitis, pneumonia, and recurrent pneumonia. Likewise, diseases of the cardiovascular system from high blood pressure to ischemic heart disease and cardiomyopathies.

Likewise, these ailments could track even further down into our musculoskeletal  system. joint issues, arthritis, muscle issues, myositis, myalgia, arthralgia, to more complex issues, such as gout, osteopenia, osteoporosis. Of course, auto immune disorders, ranging from lupus , multiple sclerosis to psoriasis. Gastrontestinal and hepatic conditions, irritable bowel, Inflammatory bowel. Skin disorders from eczema, acne to other severe dermatitis. Other ailments I haven’t mentioned include ailments of reproduction, infertility, fibroids, low sperm count, endometriosis, men with erectile dysfunction, ailments of the neurological system,   So nurturing the root system is paramount.

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What am I saying, all diseases have a cause that is linked to the roots. Our spirituality, our mindset, our nutrition, our lifestyle and our environment.

Likely, the most powerful message from this tree is, disease is reversible. Fix the underlined cause in the soil and roots, and the body will bounce back.


Wellness is our gift from Father heaven.

By Dr Patrick Ijewere


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