Tips for Boosting your Immune System


Synonymous with its political meaning, which is protection from being judged or condemned by the law, immunity in medical terms is a way defence system that averts diseases. In any condition where our immune system fails or is dysfunctional, even the most ordinary activity, such as of brushing our teeth would introduce enough bacteria that would kill us.

The immune system can be compared to a group of soldiers dedicated to protecting the host (the human body) against invaders (bacteria and viruses) to maintain a balance (healthy living). Over time, this can become burdensome on these soldiers and cause their efficiency to weaken.

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Pharm. Ayodeji Oni

White blood cells in the body are responsible for providing this defence, as about between 4000 – 11000 cells is the normal value to maintain to ensure an optimum immune function.

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Diseases can be cured using drugs, surgery, radiation, physiotherapy and quite a few others, but good health can only be achieved by maintaining a properly functional immune system. The aging process is known to be slowed down immensely in those with healthy immunity. A weakened immunity is an easy access to all sorts of illnesses. Some trigger signs that show this include:


Repeated infections


Allergic reactions

Slow wound healing

Chronic diarrhoea


Boosting the immune system

The immune system can only perform as it should, if cared for properly. This means getting all the right nutrients in recommended proportions (balanced diet) and providing the right environment for it to thrive. For example, exposure to toxic chemicals, household cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, or radiation greatly affects one’s  immunity. Stress also affects immunity by producing more free radicals that cause harm.

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Remedies for an improved immunity include:

Probiotics; Cultured organisms to increase the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract, including Sacchromyces bordadii, Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Vitamins – C, D and E.

Herbal supplements, such as Garlic, Echinacea, Astraguls and Kelp.

Mushroom extracts, such as Maitake extract, Reishi extract and Shitake extract.

Enzymes – CoQ10.

Minerals – Zinc + Copper, and Selenium.

Amino Acids – L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-methionine.

Cordyceps and Mushrooms.


Avoiding immunity killers

Stress, unhealthy diet and poor living conditions are the major contributors to a weakened immune system, to avert this, note the following:

Begin a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables (eat the rainbow).

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Avoid processed animal food; also avoid sugar.

Follow through with a regular fasting regime to periodically get rid of toxins.

Get sufficient sleep (at least six hours daily).

Avoid overeating, practice portion control.

Do not smoke or consume alcohol or caffeine.

Go to your nearest registered pharmacy to get products and tips on ways to boost your immunity.

By Pharm. Ayodeji Oni

(Freelancing for Advantage Health Africa)


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