Tumeric, Charcoal, Strawberries better for natural teeth whitening?


While some ladies can spend their last kobo on any formulation that claims to give them a brighter smile, it is ironical to know that what they have travelled all the way to Sokoto to seek is actually in their ‘sokoto’, as these substances could be found in their kitchen cupboard.

According to a new theory postulated by a movement of nutritionists and bloggers, using natural items like turmeric, strawberries, charcoal and even earth for teeth whitening, can be more effective method than using chemicals in form of tooth paste.


The report as published on Daily Mail Online stated that Turmeric is just one of the colourful ingredients lauded for its teeth-whitening abilities as well as a whole host of other health benefits.

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They suggested that  using a small amount on a wet toothbrush, and leaving the bright yellow paste on your teeth for three to five minutes before brushing again with regular toothpaste, stressing that the results are obvious within days.

Another natural health ingredient, charcoal, has also been spruiked as the key to attaining whiter teeth.

Melbourne-based nutritionist Steph Lowe, who runs the food side of former Bachelor Sam Wood's 28 fitness program, told Body and Soul the ingredient is set to make a splash this year.

Another natural ingredient listed is charcoal, which offers some pretty amazing health benefits. Most commonly it has been used to improve digestive function and decrease the production of gas, but it also has fantastic teeth whitening properties,' she told the publication.

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‘Charcoal works by binding with surface staining culprits like coffee and wine, removing plaque with one application,' she said.

One more ‘natural’ – and controversial – way to care for your pearly whites is said to be Diatomaceous Earth (also known as silica powder) – which has been spruiked by Pete Evans' wife Nicola Robinson in homemade toothpaste.

However, aesthetic and general dentist Dr. Angelo Lazaris  has warned that though natural methods appear to work well for some, but you should be very cautious when using an abrasive mix of ingredients.





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