Unbreakable Laws of Sales: 20th Law-The more you sell, the more you want to sell


The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. – Pele

Winning is an attitude

Nigeria under-17 football team, Golden Eaglets, won the 2015 edition of the junior world cup hosted by Chile. The winning made them the first team to win the junior world cup five times. The team also previously won the 2013 edition in the UAE, becoming only the second team since Brazil to win it back to back. It would be recalled that the team also won the maiden edition of the tournament in 1985, which was hosted by China. This is a testimony that the more you win, the more you want to win.

What is in winning and in wanting to win? Winning is fun. Successful people always want to win. Successful people want to win and win without counting the number of times they have won. They prepare their minds for the task ahead and go all-out to do what is required to succeed. This is the attitude of champions. This is the mindset of selling champions. The more they sell and succeed, the more they want to increase their success. The more they are celebrated for top performance, the more they want to perform again in order to be celebrated.

Winning is fun

Winning is real fun. Being celebrated as the best makes the winner happy; no matter the setting. It is natural that people would want to be celebrated again once they have experienced being at the top. This is why politicians go for a second tenure. This is also why a reigning champion fights to retain his position.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr, American professional boxer proved this point on 26 August, 2017 when he defeated Conor McGregor to extend his winning streak to 50 victories and 0 defeat! Mayweather reportedly earned $300,000,000 from the fight. Champions are addicted to winning!

Let’s now bring it home to our world of selling. A successful salesman who won the best staff of the year will naturally do more to retain that position the subsequent year. An individual who is used to great results will not want to go below that standard. He will of course want to do more to maintain or exceed his previous position. You just have to keep doing more if you want to remain relevant in any setting. Relevance is a function of top performance. Great result announces your presence.

It’s about current top performance

Sales job celebrates the current champion. You must be active. Your performance should always be on the increase. Poor performance is not allowed in sales. You must be seen to be selling if you want to remain relevant in your sales career. You are either selling or not.

Winners are Strategic

Sales job recognises excellent performance. The top is your place when you know how to get good results. You are as good as your last performance. Your previous top performance may be used as a reference material but not for current appraisal. If you want to be celebrated always in the sales world, keep selling!

Successful salespeople do not rely only on their previous top performance. They keep setting new targets and exceeding them. They don’t live in the past. They are always forward-looking and aspiring for higher goals and results.

A salesman recently informed me during a training we conducted for their company that he was once the best salesman in their company and his record was yet to be broken. He said he once sold two buses filled with their products. He sold all the products in one day! I smiled and asked why he hadn’t repeated that peak performance. He felt challenged and promised to get back to his winning strides.

Folks celebrate current top performance. If you want to remain relevant, keep performing. The best player in a football team is always sure of his jersey.

Keep selling

The salesman who closes a lot of sales will strive to do more to keep closing more sales. It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. A lot is expected from the salesman who won the best salesman of the year. He is the man at the centre. All eyes will be on him to perform even better.

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The more you perform, the more onlookers expect more from you. Successful salespeople keep setting new targets because they believe the more you sell, the more you want to sell and the more you succeed.

A lot depends on you, the salesman. You are the main factor. Everyone is waiting for you to perform. Your company is waiting for your top performance. They hired you because of the conviction that you are among the best in the industry. It’s time to prove your worth. You can’t disappoint your organisation. Be the best salesman everyone expects you to be.

Aspire to sell more. Think of how you will achieve more. Develop more customers and seek better ways to maintain their patronage. You cannot sell more if you have not developed more customers. The customer is the reason for your selling. You are expected to keep him on your side. Satisfying and delighting the customer should be your watch words. Keep sselling!


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