What do you know about Ikorel


1 ❏ has arterial vasodilating properties
2 ❏ cannot be used with nifedipine
3 ❏ is contraindicated in hypertensive patients

ONE or MORE of the responses above is (are) correct. Decide which of the responses is (are) correct. Then choose:
A if 1, 2 and 3 are correct
B if 1 and 2 only are correct
C if 2 and 3 only are correct
D if 1 only is correct
E if 3 only is correct


  1. The answer is D, and the winners are:Nickysylva4jesus and Maryann. Details below:
    Ikorel contains nicorandil, which is a potassium-channel activator with a nitrate
    component. It produces arterial and venous vasodilation and is indicated for
    prophylaxis and treatment of angina. No clinical significant interaction with
    nifedipine has been reported. When nifedipine and nicorandil are used
    together, side-effects of vasodilation such as headache and flushing may be
    more pronounced. Use of nicorandil may bring about a reduction in blood
    pressure as an unwanted effect and it is contraindicated in hypotension.


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