Uroguanylin and GI Fluid Stability: Science Offered by Synergy Prescribed drugs Inc.


Synergy Prescribed drugs Inc. is investigating novel therapeutics that play a task in regulating fluid stability to assist regular bowel perform within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Particularly, our medical science is predicated on the very important position uroguanylin performs in these processes.
On this video, medical insights are supplied in three key areas:
1. Understanding GI fluid stability and the underlying ionic mechanisms
2. Description of the differential activation of GC-C receptors in GI fluid secretion and continual idiopathic constipation (CIC)
three. The position of uroguanylin in regulating regular bowel perform and the exercise of E. coli entertoxin in disrupting this course of

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New medical insights on uroguanylin and GI fluid stability might result in improved medical outcomes for sufferers with CIC. Practically 33 million People undergo from CIC.¹ Sadly, many fail to answer remedy or they are challenged to deal with burdensome opposed occasions, equivalent to diarrhea.²

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2. Ford AC, Suares NC. Impact of laxatives and pharmacological therapies in continual idiopathic constipation: systematic evaluate and meta-analysis. Intestine. 2011;60(2):209-218.



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