We Start from different Lanes


“Pay now or pay later. Either way you’re going to pay.”

– John C. Maxwell

I wish you a happy and productive year 2021.

The Olympics athlete is expected to stay on his lane if he wants to win the race. He must also run the race like someone who is prepared to win. The race waits for him. He must run his race!  Winning in the race is a function of staying in the track, on your lane and standing out in performance! The best wins!

Life is like a marathon race. Life is also a journey. The main thing is to commence the journey, irrespective of your beginning point. Whether the individual begins now or later, the journey will still be there waiting for him or her.

Starting point shouldn’t determine end point

The truth is that the journey of life is not transferable. Everyone is embarking on his or her own journey. Keep moving forward! Take yourself to higher heights. Don’t stop doing your best. Plan and implement. Think smart. Work hard. Build capabilities. Build capacity. Do more, better.

Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

Experience has taught me that people begin the journey of life at different points. Some people begin at point zero. Some start theirs at minus one. Some start at plus one, while others start at plus five.

Let me explain. The people who begin the journey at point zero are folks who start on a clean slate. They start at break-even point. They are owing no one and no one is owing them. They embark on their journeys without having to pay anyone for previous debts. They only need to work hard and be focused on chasing their goals. If they do this intelligently and diligently, they will succeed.

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The second group are the ones that start at minus one. This group starts from point of deficit! These are folks who are owing before they begin the journey. Some of the people here borrowed money to go to school. Some of them had tough experiences when they were learning trades or skills that will launch them in the journey.  The individuals in this group are folks coming from humble beginnings. They are people who know the real meaning of poverty; they have shaken hands with poverty in the past!

Many people belong to this group. And the truth is that a lot of folks in this category become successful because they fight with everything they have – to come out of their disadvantaged situations. Individuals in this category often score high on grit scale. This makes a lot of difference.  A study in the US reported by Brian Tracy shows that 87 per cent of self-made millionaires started at the lowest level. In fact, at this level, it’s either you fight and live, or stay put and die!

A lot of us started here.  Where are you at the moment? Where are you starting from this year? Develop the right mindset and move on.

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The third group are folks who start at plus one. Individuals here start from a somewhat advantageous position. Players here were sponsored to school – to any level they wished. If they desired to start businesses, they had access to necessary support. People in this category also have contacts that will make the journey a little easier.  If you find yourself in this category, do more to soar higher.


The last stage are folks who start at plus five. Individuals in this group are the ones we describe as “born with silver spoon”; in fact, I think “golden spoon” is more appropriate! The guys here know the meaning of affluence. They started from very strong positions. They go to Ivy League schools. Their families have big businesses and estates.  Folks in this category are wealthy. The children of men and women here are expected to take the family wealth to the next level. If you are in this category, you don’t have any excuse. You have what it takes to keep expanding value. You must keep doing your best in order to continue to give value to the society.


Different lanes, same destination

If you go through the four categories we explored, you will notice that everyone starts from different points, but the denominator is the destination. The definition of destination is the same. Everyone wants to succeed.  The aim of the sprinter in a race is to win gold. Winning is the destination.

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No matter the point from which you started your life’s journey; no matter the advantageous or disadvantageous position, the goal is your destination. Your destination is to succeed. Your goal is to tell a beautiful story about how you reached your destination. Excuses don’t make champions. Where you began the journey of life is a means to an end, and not necessarily an end in itself. People succeed out of nothing. People fail out of nothing. Folks succeed in affluence; folks fail in the midst of abundance! This is life. Life is neutral.

Note this: The main element that changes the narrative is the man in the mirror and that man is the individual embarking on the journey. We can change the narrative if we believe and work it. We are called to succeed.  Succeed from your lane. Go and win this year!


George O. Emetuche, CES, MNIMN, is a Brian Tracy endorsed bestselling author, accredited training consultant, life and business coach, sales and marketing expert. Please reach us for cutting edge training of your team.  Buy books by George O. Emetuche from nearest malls or bookshops. You can also get autographed copies from the author. The books are:

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