Why women must prioritise their health before family


Survey reveals most women lack information on ovarian cancer symptoms

Women all around the world are known for their tender, passionate and caring spirit, which is generally seen as merit to them. However, a study has found that most women use this advantage to their disadvantage, by putting first the health of their family members to the detriment of their own health.

The study which confirmed that 90 percent of women hardly know the symptoms of ovarian cancer, explained that this was due to their delay in seeking medical advice for themselves, because they do not prioritise their own health over that of their family.

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Worse still, the survey found that some women put their pets before themselves, taking seven days to go to the vet, while they may defer their own medical attention.

According to the poll by the Ovarian Cancer Action on 1,000 British women, it revealed a worrying lack of awareness of ovarian cancer, which affects around 7,000 women a year.

In a report published on Daily Mail Online, Katherine Taylor, chief executive of Ovarian Cancer Action, said: ‘As women, we often put the needs of those important to us before our own.

“But in order to look after others, we have to look after ourselves first. We need to know and understand the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer so we can seek help and get treatment as soon as possible.”

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She highlighted the common symptoms of ovarian cancer to include: bloating, stomach pain, feeling full quickly and needing to go to the toilet very frequently, extreme fatigue and unexplained weight loss.











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