World Glaucoma Week: FMC Medical Director Advises on Early Checks


Prof. Saad Ahmed, the Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abuja has advised Nigerians on early eyes check to know their status about glaucoma.

Ahmed said this at a seminar, awareness campaign and free eye test for residents of Abuja at the FMC, Jabi on Monday to mark the World Glaucoma Week.

World Glaucoma Week: FMC Medical Director Advises on Early Checks
World Glaucoma Week: FMC Medical Director Advises on Early Checks

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that FMC is organising a one week free screening and treatment for people with glaucoma.

The medical director explained that an individual did not have a way to notice glaucoma as it was a silent killer of vision that did not give prior notice.

He said that most feelings about glaucoma were usually accidental, adding that there was no cure for glaucoma but it could be controlled.

“For those who have been diagnosed with glaucoma, you have to be compliant with your medication and the directive of your Optomologist.

“There is no cure but early diagnosis is the way to go, it is a group of eyes disease with certain risk factors like positive family history, age among others.

“Glaucoma can run through the family like other diseases, if you do not know you have glaucoma, you can go for screening and diagnosis,” he said.

Ahmed, however, said that some people rather than check their status would say, “it is not my portion’’, adding that such people could not be forced.

Dr Eziechila Joseph, an Optalmologist and Head of Clinical Services, FMC, Jabi, said that glaucoma remained one of the major causes of irreversible blindness, adding that there was need to go for diagnosis.

He said that FMC was creating awareness so that more people could be tested and take glaucoma important because it comes asymptomatic.

He urged Abuja residents to get their eyes tested at FMC as a way of celebrating the World Glaucoma Day, adding that it is necessary for individuals to constantly check their eyes.

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