16th Law: He Who Doesn’t Buy Today Can Buy Tomorrow


Unbreakable Laws of Sales

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Edison

You have all it takes to win

Why do you want to give up? Why would you give up just like that? Have you done your best? Is your best good enough? You just have to stay longer with that challenge. You just have to find a way to fight on. You must attack your challenger head-on! You must persist in the face of tough situations. Champions are not just made; it takes a battle to determine one. Persist and be celebrated.

Persist, succeed

Persistence is one of the greatest qualities of a successful salesman. Persistence is the attitude that encourages a salesman to keep visiting a prospect until something good happens. Attaining success in life is a function of a series of little efforts. The path to success is a continuous journey that requires determination but many folks won’t go through that path. It is always common to follow the easy route.

The temptation to throw in the proverbial towel is a common one and no one is exempted. A lot of people will give up when challenges come. A lot of folks will not endure to pay the price for the prize. It is natural that most individuals will quit making efforts in a task once they notice any form of intricacy.

Unbreakable Laws of Sales. 5th Law: In selling, attitude is everything

You are called to fight on. Giving up is never an option. If you fail the first time, try again.

Price of success

Success has a price. It takes a lot to be a champion. There must be a contest before a winner emerges. A fight will take place before a champion is announced. This is the natural sequence to the top, and it applies in the selling environment too. There has to be a process before sales will take place.

Several researches have shown that most prospects will not buy at the first visit. They will require the salesman to visit again and again before making their buying decisions.

During this waiting period, the prospect takes his time to look at the offer once more. It’s a period of appraisal. The buyer examines the offer to ensure he is getting the best deal. He examines the salesman’s proposal and takes the decision to buy or not to buy. Your duty here is to be professional. Do your best and wait for the prospect to make the buying decision. Never be desperate to sell.

In Sales, you Must Define your Direction

Quitting too soon hinders success

Quitting too soon does not make champions. It does not bring the desired outcome. The art of selling is one of the toughest career paths in the world. Yes, selling is not a tea party! It is a career where a lot is expected of the salesman. His employers expect him to deliver results, and his customers and prospects want to see the best in him . They buy from him when they are convinced he is the best option.

The salesman also has his personal goals and challenges. His family expects him to be a superman at home; setting targets and achieving extraordinary results! Quitting is not a good option. The salesman must find a way to get things done.

Selling can Be tough And fun!

The situation can be tough for the salesman and yet fun at the same time. It is tough when he chooses to see only the difficult part of the challenge and fun when he takes charge and decides to fix stuffs! It depends on the divide you want to belong.

Unbreakable Laws of Sales-18th Law: Time is a Major Denominator

For me, I see sales, selling and salesmanship as fun! I believe I must set out daily to do things differently in order to get results. I believe that stories are not allowed in the world of sales; we are not storytellers. I believe I don’t have to sing the problem as a tune every day. I believe I must find a way to make things work. I believe I have the powers to create the world I desire.

Therefore, I developed the mindset that says, ‘move on George, get things done and be celebrated because no one celebrates excuses; no one wins a crown by giving excuses!’

Successful selling is a summation of the number of times you were turned down. It is the number of times you were asked to come again and you kept going back without giving up. Successful selling is persistence.

Successful salesmen believe that a buyer, who turns you down today, could change his mind next time to embrace your offer.



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