Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


Our thoughts create our reality. Thoughts lead on to purposes, purposes go forth into action, actions form habits, habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny. To change your external conditions you must first change your inner thoughts.

Thought is the foundation of all life experiences. For things to change for you, you must change within. For your life to progress, you must fill your heart with thoughts of success, greatness and joy.

Below are three tips to improve on your thoughts

  1. Understand what shapes your results: You are a spiritual being that uses intellect and lives in a physical body. As a spiritual being, your creative power is in your thoughts. You use thoughts to create idea in your intellect which determines your results in your physical world. Your ability to think of something and turn it to reality is what makes you the vicegerent of the earth. Your ability to think is what separates you from all other creatures and empowers you to create, build and make things happen. Therefore, for you to experience anything in the physical world, you must first experience it in your subconscious mind.
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Let me make this more practical for you. For you to eat a particular food, you must first think about the food; for you to put on a particular outfit, you must first think and decide which one of your outfits to wear out of the various clothes in your wardrobe. My point is, your everyday life experience is happening first within you before expressing itself in the physical form.

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Pharm. Sesan Kareem

If everyday experiences like eating and dressing are shaped by your thoughts, then all other results in your life right now are products of your previous thinking and conditioning. To change your results, you must change your thoughts. For you to change your thoughts, you must understand how your thoughts shape your results. Honestly, there is real power within you and the earlier you are conscious of this phenomenon the better your ability to create your reality.

  1. You become what you think most of the time. A lot of scholars, strategists and life coaches have shared various principles, strategies and tactics about how to live a good life. While they all have different approaches to success and happiness, they all agree on the fact that man becomes what he thinks most of the time. If your heart is filled with thoughts of peace most of the time, your mind will develop the idea of serenity and your body will be calm and relaxed. On the flip side, if your heart is filled with fear, your mind will develop the idea of stress and your body will become rigid. Your dominant thoughts affect your state. Your state affects your result.
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Think about what you want most of the time and things will happen for you. Focus your thoughts most of the time on your problems or challenges and you keep experiencing more problems or challenges. Focus your thoughts on solutions and you keep finding innovative ways to get results. To achieve lasting change in any area of your life, you must always focus your thoughts on what you want, regardless of the conditions surrounding you proving otherwise.

  1. Fill your mind with wonderful thoughts: Think of success, joy, peace, abundance and greatness. Fill your mind with beautiful aspects of life. Think positively and progressively. Think creatively and consciously. Let your thoughts be filled with possibilities, progress and peace. Back your positive thoughts with faith, action, gratitude and expectancy. Life gives us what we expect. When you strive hard for result with faith, gratitude and expectation, life has a strange way of making the impossible possible for you.
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You can move your life to a fast track of success, happiness and peace, if you understand what shapes your results, think of what you want most of the time and filled your mind with thoughts of possibilities because when you change the thoughts in your heart you will change your condition for better.

ACTION PLAN: Create time to study how your thoughts shape your reality. Be conscious of your dominant thoughts and how they affect your action and reaction. If you identify any negative thought, quickly replace it with a positive thought.

AFFIRMATION: I think positively, differently, deeply and constructively.  I am blessed and highly favoured.

Sesan Kareem is a life coach and management consultant. He inspires ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He helps organisations to have a fast tempo for action and a bias for results.



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