Choosing Your Medrep  the “Write” Way


Companies , organisations and, in this context , pharmaceutical ones, typically appraise or review the immediate year past to find out what worked and what didn’t.

The whys, the hows, the whats –  so many questions asked. All is centered on adopting a new or maintaining the old strategy to ensure that by the last quarter of the new  year, expectations are met or, better still, exceeded.

However, one area many organsations still get it wrong is in the area of personnel deployment. If you have round pegs in square holes, forget about meeting up with the numbers for that year.

Nothing could be more satisfying than having a medical representative that has the right attitude to work even if he or she doesn’t score 100 per cent in the aptitude test. Unfortunately, many Human Resource Managers in pharma companies rely more on verbal than non-verbal cues in conducting personality assessment test on the prospective intakes. It is believed that once the potential candidate scores very high in the aptitude test, he or she will be a good medical representative. This is where the gap is and if there is an area that your organisation needs to look into, it is in your recruitment processes.

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New era, new approach. Let me say emphatically here, it’s a new decade and you need to step up to its demands. If you are yet to adopt handwriting analysis as part of your recruitment process, then its either your HR manager is not up-to-date with global best practices or you are simply comfortable with mediocrity. The reason someone is not changing it is because he or she is choosing it.

For those who have been following this column for some time now, we have stated clearly how powerful the handwriting is in revealing so much more about the personality of an individual more than the mouth can say. If the handwriting had no uniqueness, then everybody would write exactly the same way. Yet, it is a fact that no two handwritings are the same – the basis for which handwriting analysis serves as a reliable tool in personality assessment without the individual uttering a word.

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