Colgate introduces acid-neutraliser toothpaste


Leading global oral care company, Colgate Palmolive, has introduced a new product, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpaste, into the Nigerian market.


L-R:Oral Care Consultant, Mrs Oge Mac Johnson; Profession Manager,EWA, Mr Chestin Twigg and Marketing Director, Mrs Hannah Oyebanjo, all of Colgate Palmolive Nigeria, during the company’s media launch of Maximum Cavity Protection Sugar Acid Neutraliser MCP+SAN Toothpaste in Lagos.

The latest addition to Colgate Nigeria’s product line is specially formulated to offer a new standard of care in preventing cavities and is intended for consumers who are primarily or exclusively interested in deriving the best protection against cavities from their toothpaste.

Speaking at the media unveiling of the technology-driven product at an event held at Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, Colgate Marketing Director for East and West Africa (EWA), Mr Chris Hall, said:“Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpaste is a breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of cavities.”

According to Mr Hall, with regular twice daily use, the sugar acid neutraliser formula works to neutralise harmful acids that are formed by bacteria from sugar, to reduce early caries while also strengthening and restoring enamel to help prevent cavity formation. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpaste, he said:“has been demonstrated in various clinical studies to be more efficacious at reducing cavities than conventional toothpaste with fluoride alone.”

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Mr Hall explained further that the product, which is a result of years of research and technological breakthrough, is formulated to reduce and prevent cavities by strengthening teeth and decreasing demineralisation by acids. Hall said the Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology works to create a healthy environment for the teeth by increasing the plaque pH and further preventing demineralisation and promoting remineralisation of the teeth.

Also speaking on the product, Colgate Professional Manager (EWA), Mr Cheslin Twigg, said the Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology and Fluoride were designed to help arrest and reverse the caries process by decreasing demineralisation and increasing remineralisation much more effectively than fluoride alone and this results in less cavitation than when fluoride alone is used.

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While explaining further how the new product works, he said, “It tackles the cause of caries by targeting acid produced from sugars by bacteria in plaque, in addition to providing the conventional benefits of fluoride.” In contrast, traditional cavity treatments based upon fluoride alone focus solely on treating the symptoms of caries by strengthening the teeth.”

Also speaking at the event, Colgate Palmolive Nigeria Marketing Director, Mrs Hannah Oyebanjo, explained that “Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology actually works biologically by targeting the primary cause of caries, the plaque biofilm, to reduce the effects of acids produced from sugars before they can harm the teeth. Specifically, it promotes the beneficial activity of arginolytic bacteria that convert arginine into ammonia to directly neutralise the “sugar acids” in plaque, creating a healthier environment for the teeth.”

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Oyebanjo stated further that Sugar Acid Neutraliser is Colgate’s trademark name for the technology, consisting of arginine and an insoluble calcium compound, which it has developed and added to fluoride toothpaste to deliver superior cavity protection when compared to toothpaste with fluoride alone.


Colgate Palmolive Nigeria General Manager, Mr Davis Kanyama also noted that the company will continue to avail Nigerian market with quality and specially formulated products that ensure oral wellbeing of discerning consumers. He said Colgate is known worldwide for continuous improvement, global teamwork and care, backed by over two centuries of experience and maintain number one market share in 146 counties globally.

“We have built a hallmark of exceptional global consumer products including toothpastes and brushes for our consumers, shoppers, customers and professionals in 223 countries. Colgate products are being sold worldwide and we are committed to offering Nigerians the same world-class products that offer total wellness to everyone in the family,” he said.


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