Community Pharmacists Pivotal to Your Success, Oladigbolu Tells Vitabiotics


– As Coy Unveils New Products

L-R: Prof. Sebastien Farnaud, Coventry university UK; Jovana Stanojcic, export business dev manager Vitabiotics UK; Rohit Shelatkar, vice -president Vitabiotics UK; Mr Mike Pausler, business development director for Nigeria and Pharm. Ifeoma Elekwechi, marketing/country manager, Vitabiotics in Nigeria.

To sustain the spirit of excellence in drug manufacturing, which it has been known for, in the past 50 years, Vitabiotics has been urged to collaborate more with community pharmacists in Nigeria. This, among others, was the submission of the National Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), Pharm. Adewale Oladigbolu, at the 2nd Science and Health International Conference of pharmaceutical heavy weight, Vitabiotics, in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

According to the ACPN National Chairman, Vitabiotics’ products have continued to be top brands in the minds of community pharmacists in Nigeria. He therefore urged the company to keep up the good work it is doing in the area of providing wellness packages to Nigerians of all ages and classes.

“Vitabiotics has created a good problem for community pharmacists in Nigeria with their array of much sought after products that are doing very well in the market. We urge you to work closely with the over 7000 community pharmacists in Nigeria towards achieving better results,” he said while calling on the company to develop a product that would help tackle the sickle cell burden in the country.

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The event which was well-attended by stakeholders in the medical, pharmaceutical, nursing, nutrition and other ancillary care giving industries witnessed presentations on wellness, with particular interest on pregnancy as demonstrated with the unveiling of new variants of Pregnacare – one of Vitabiotics’ fastest selling multivitamins indicated for pregnant women.

In an exclusive interview with Pharmanewsonline, Vice- President/Director of Vitabiotics, UK, Mr Rohit Shelatkar, said his company has researched and developed innovative products for over 5 decades and has been driven by a passion for excellence in healthcare with strong branding culture. While enumerating the list of their products that have become household names in Nigeria, he added that Nigeria remains their company’s most important export market outside the United Kingdom.

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L-R: Prof. Sebastien Farnaud, University of Coventry, Dr Adewale Oladigbolu, ACPN national chairman and Mr Rohit Shelatkar, vice president/director, Vitabiotics Ltd., Uk, at the event.

“Traditionally, Nigeria is the first export market we ventured into 50 years ago. This is the most important market for us. You may have heard of products like Omega H3 and Feroglobin; they have been there for 40 to 45 years. Other products which have come up and growing fast in recent years are Pregnacare, Wellman and Wellwoman, Perfectil for hair, skin and nails, Wellbaby and Wellkid. Wellman is for the overall vitality of men while Wellwoman is for the overall vitality of women,” he said.

Speaking specifically about Pregnacare, Mr Shelatkar said: “Pregnacare remains the United Kingdom’s most trusted brand. It takes about 90 per cent of the UK’s nutraceutical pregnancy market. It has been relaunched in Nigeria and we are optimistic it is going to be the biggest selling brand in the country.”

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The highpoint of the event was the unveiling of the new variants of Pregnacare – the before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy variants. The unveiling was performed by the ACPN National Chairman, in company of delegations from the PSN, ALPS, AHAPN, among others.

Expressing delight in the unveiling of the product variant indicated for mothers after delivery, Oladigbolu said: “Post-partum malnutrition affects 35 percent of populations in developing countries, not because of economic reasons but because all attention is focused on the child.” He thereby lauded Vitabiotics for unveiling products that tackle each stage of the woman’s pregnancy journey.







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