COVID- 19: Mexican Newborn Triplets Test Positive


Newborn triplets in Mexico have tested positive for coronavirus in a new case, according to local health authorities.

Monica Rangel, the health secretary of the northern state of San Luis Potosi, said the triplets were born 8 May to a mother who was also positive but asymptomatic.

Rangel said the triplets are not believed to be in danger. She said the case was being studied to see whether the triplets were infected before or after birth was being conducted, but said it appeared improbable they could have been infected outside the womb so quickly.

COVID- 19: Newborn Mexican Triplets Test Positive

It is not the first time newborns have tested positive for the virus, but it is rare.

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Nationwide, Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus cases rose by 4,577 to 185,122, and the confirmed death toll rose by 759 to 22,584.

Both numbers are considered significant undercounts due to Mexico’s very low levels of testing. Officials said that levels of infections appear to have stabilized, and held out hopes, as they have many times before, that the numbers may start declining soon.

There is no evidence that the virus causes miscarriage or affects how your baby develops in pregnancy, but, as a precaution, pregnant women are advised to be strict about avoiding close social contact to reduce their chance of getting coronavirus.

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If they become infected, most mums-to-be will have mild or moderate symptoms and recover. Babies may show no signs of the illness at all. If you are caring for a baby, you can reduce their risk of getting the virus by keeping your hands clean with regular hand washing.





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