Secrets in Celebrities’ Signatures (6)

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Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, popularly called “Mr Bean”, was born 6 January, 1955. An English actor, comedian and writer, Mr Bean, in my opinion, is a brand that is somewhat the flagship of non-verbal intelligence. For many of those who have watched his contents over the years, especially the “Mr Bean” series, you will quite agree with me that he hardly ever speaks, let alone converse with anyone; yet, viewers never fail to fully understand the message he communicates with his comical gestures.

Without mincing words, Mr Bean’s craft is legendary. However, are there secrets we can find out about his true personality, judging from his signature? Are there personality traits from his signature that tally with his character on stage? That is my focus in this edition.

It is now a statement of fact that personality traits and, by extension, human behavioural tendencies can be projected from the way and manner in which someone writes. That is because handwriting analysis is a body of knowledge that has been proven over decades that there is a correlation between how you write and who you are.

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As I often say in this column, the basis for which handwriting analysis or graphology finds relevance in personality profiling is because no two people will write the same way. Based on this, graphology has helped provide solutions to human challenges in the areas of recruitment, education, criminal justice system, psychotherapy, vocational guidance etc. One major egde graphological assessment has over all other profiling tools is that it still remains the fastest personality profiling tool globally as at today. Strangely, many do not know this.

For some months now, we have been doing a series on celebrities’ signatures, discovering the secrets and those little details about each celebrity, which many out there aren’t aware of, using the perspective of graphology.

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Judging from the character of Mr Bean and perhaps from a number of his media interviews, Rowan Atkinson comes across as a rather conservative fellow. You may assume that he is not given to too many words and prefers to be backstage, making things happen, especially because of his evasive character in Mr Bean. Alas! Mr Bean is not a conservative person in real life. His signature reveals clearly that he loves to express himself, to be seen, to be heard. So, Mr Bean is not as quite as he looks. He actually has a persona when he is before the audience, which is different from his true self.

One other thing which we would be looking at in his signature is a trait in graphology referred to as “too many irons in the fire”. This refers to someone who does a lot of things at the same time. At times, it could be a result of the giftedness of the person in question; hence, they find it difficult to juggle tasks effectively at times. This could cause the individuals involved to miss out on essential details.

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The way to easily see this trait is when there is some sort of collision between the upper and lower letters or words within a write up. That can be indicative of the trait. Such people always have a lot on their plate and sometimes find it difficult to set their priorities right.

I am sure you now know something new about Mr Bean even if he doesn’t say a word to you privately? Do not miss the next edition, we shall examine another celebrity and see the connection between their handwriting and their true personality.

Always remember, “if you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way”

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