NAPPSA Update on Doctor of Pharmacy Conversion Programme


NAPPSA President, Leo Egbujiobi, has announced an update on the Special Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) Conversion Programme, initiated by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) and domiciled in the University of Benin (UNIBEN). This special fast-track Pharm. D programme is the collaborative effort of UNIBEN, PCN and NAPPSA. The programme is time-bound and will only be offered twice. Thereafter, it will be terminated.

NAPPSA President

He noted that the curriculum consists of three modules, while MODULE III, which is entirely a preceptor/hospital based/ambulatory care/community externship clinical training, will be handled by specialists from USA chosen by NAPPSA. He said the Chair of NAPPSA Education Committee, Dr. Teresa Pounds, is the coordinator of this module, and has been working tirelessly in this regard.  Therefore, NAPPSA is in need of qualified preceptor/facilitators to assist in the clinical training of the students for MODULE III.  NAPPSA members are preferred but not required.

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According to him:”This portion of the curriculum is designed to provide the opportunity for students to have direct patient contact and associated pharmacy experiences. The three areas of focus for this portion of training will be in the following pharmacy settings:  hospital (acute care), ambulatory care and community. In general, MODULE III will occur at University of Ibadan and the University of Jos. The potential dates are June & August 2018 and June & August 2019.The duration of the programme (including travel days) will be 7-10 days”.

Preferred Criteria for Resource People/Facilitators are:

At least 1-year post-graduate pharmacy residency training (PGY-1) or 3 years of experience in area of specialty (Board certification in area of expertise is highly encouraged).

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Acute care, ambulatory care, community.

Actively precepting students in area of expertise.

Have teaching experience in the health sciences (Pharmacy/Medical/Nursing School) and a full-time academic appointment at a university (Exception if hold an administrative experiential role for university).

Specialty training in acute care, ambulatory care or community settings preferred.

Actively practicing in area of expertise

If interested please send the following to  By February 5, 2018

  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  2. Letter of Interest (Please include credentials, area of expertise; years of precepting experience and area of interest with the role desired)



  1. Pls must the applicant in the community pharmacy be a masters degree holder or is it for the preceptors?


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