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Understanding people the “write” way (2)
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In the last edition, we began the journey into the importance and power that doodles carry in revealing the depths of people’s personality, as one of the tools in graphology. Of course, as a regular reader of this column, you are probably aware that when we talk of graphology, we are talking about personality assessment or profiling through the handwriting. It remains one of the fastest profiling tool globally .

Doodles are quite interesting, as profiling tools rooted in graphological principles. Through it, you can gain deep insights into people’s behavioural tendencies. We started in the last edition talking about what it means to doodle a house and we will continue from there in this edition

2. Arrows

According to Andrea McNichol, if you are doodling arrows, it shows that you are feeling ambitious. Whatever that ambition is centered on is a different conversation entirely. It could be related to finance, need for prominence or one form of achievement or the other. All you need to know at this level is that anytime you observe anyone doodling arrows, especially if he or she appeared lost in thought prior to this activity, one point it speaks to is ambition.

  1. Love
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This symbol is a no-brainer. Globally, it is a sign everyone identifies with. Whoever doodles this has one thing in mind and it is not hard to know; they want romance or are expressing love or affection.

However, there is more to the use of this symbol in criminal investigations, especially when used by a suspected sociopath or psychopath. One may wonder, could love be the underpinning reason for the use of such symbol to their victims? That’s a conversation for another day. However, generally, this symbol speaks volumes about the depth of affection from the donor to the recipient.

  1. Eye

According to Andrea, if you catch someone doodling the eye, either one or two eyes, it is a red flag of some sort. It tells a lot about someone who feels he or she needs to have eyes on all sides of his or her head to feel calm. They are usually suspicious of others and feel they are being judged by other people. This could affect their relationships, especially in trusting others, Their spouses or intended spouses aren’t spared here and they do not typically have a lot of friends.

  1. Names
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The last point I will talk about in this edition is doodling of names, whether it is the first name of last name. As a matter of fact, for educationists, teachers and tutors managing children or who are keen on child development , it is one way of finding out if the pupil or student is having some form of crush on the opposite gender in class. It is not the only way to find out but it is one powerful non-verbal way of knowing what could be going on.

On the flip side, whoever doodles his own name in such a fixated manner, from time to time, has some deep attachment to either his surname or family name or his personal or brand name. There is a strong connection whichever way. So, when next you see a friend doodling your name, you know a few questions that should arise in your mind.

Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)

Watch out for the next edition as I bring you another exciting content. Till I come your way next time, always remember, “if you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way”.


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