Parenting the “Write” Way

Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

Humans are very complex beings. There will never come a time when the need to explore a bit more into the complexities of mankind will not be a topic at the front burner in some climes around the world. Let’s face it, there is always a desire by man to know more about his uniqueness.

When you look at different bodies of knowledge such as Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Personology, etc., one thing seems to be a common denominator – they all are trying to unravel the mystery behind human behaviour. The good thing is that Graphology also finds relevance here. It’s all about understanding humans the ‘write’ way.

For those who are regular readers of this column, I am quite sure by now that the word graphology is no longer strange to you. Globally, graphology is still about the fastest way to evaluate someone’s personality, provided access to the handwriting sample can be guaranteed.

Studies Affirm Impacts of Physical Exercise on Mental Health

For most parents, the personal growth and development of their children is of utmost priority, but many of these parents tend to prioritise the academic performance of the children over their mental health. A lot of times, many of these children, given their background or family upbringing, do not feel confident speaking out without fears of being shut down the way their mum or dad has always done it. So they simply have grown up, not really knowing what good looks like.

Some of the crises and youthful delinquencies we see around us both locally and globally began with what looked like character flaws which were ignored. Better still, some of these flaws were not even recognised as flaws because of a fundamental knowledge gap of the kind of red flags to look out for.

Detailing a Doctor the “Write” Way (2)

What if we had a toolkit or skill set that could enable caregivers, teachers or parents to profile a child’s personality or character traits or certain behavioural propensities well ahead of time? What if we could understand our children by leveraging other tools that are not the regular types used in this clime?

Are you aware that the scribbles, drawings or writings of a child or teenager can reveal so much about the child to the caregiver, teacher or parent without them saying a word?

The year 2022 means different things to different people but I am sure that no one desires to remain at the same spot as 2023 beckons. There are things we need to do better and one of such is how to parent the “write” way.

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Don’t miss the next couple of editions where I shall be discussing secrets on how to parent the “write” way with us. May I also seize this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a glorious 2023.

Till I come your way next time, always remember, “If you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way.”


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