Secrets in Celebrities’ Signatures (5) 


Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

When it comes to making blockbuster signature movies that end up in franchise, Sylvester Stallone has iconically made an impact globally. Call him a living legend and you would not be out of order, especially if the virality of movies like Rocky, Rambo etc are anything to go by; which, by the way, are franchises.

Many have made a living from selling his books, creating video games with his animation, and cartoon characters from his content; yet, this nearly octogenarian movie star has another block buster at the box office. He is clearly one of the Hollywood dreams and may I just add at this point that Stallone is the favourite Hollywood actor of yours sincerely.

Checking his signature at  first glance, there are obvious traits which reveal his personality and if you have never seen any of his movies before or know how to read people’s handwriting, you would have been easily deceived by the slowness of his voice. I wouldn’t know if I should call it a sleepy voice but, his voice and his real personality are diametrically opposed to each other. They don’t add up at all.

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What are those traits in his signature that agree or should I say tally with his personality? That is my focus in this edition.

Graphology, as I explain in this column from time to time, is the study of the personality traits of an individual crystallised on the pages of a paper. No two handwritings are the same and that also goes for the signature of any individual. If, for whatever reason, two signatures are exactly the same, then one must be a forged version. Regardless of how many times you sign and how carefully you must have approached each of those signatures, no two signatures of yours would be exactly the same as a rule.

There are three graphological traits amidst so many that readily come to mind on seeing the signature of Stallone. The slope, fluidity and enthusiasm.

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Many years ago, I read an article about Sylvester Stallone’s “rocky” road to success. The writer went into details about the educational background of Stallone. A dropout from many schools but non relenting in ensuring that his dreams were realised. Despite the fact that he never really could be considered as an egghead while in school, most of his movies enjoyed a strong input from his ingenuity. A lot of the scripts or screenplay of these movies were to his credit.

One easy way to check for enthusiasm in someone’s handwriting is by observing the horizontal bar length of the small case letter “t”. If it is considerably longer than the stem of the letter, that is someone with an enthusiastic attitude to life. Need I say more? This trait definitely typifies Stallone, having written some of the scripts of the Rocky series with just pen and paper. He had to write with candle light on a number of occasions because he could not, at the time, afford to pay for his electricity bills.

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Another noticeable trait is the elevation of the signature to the right, in a slopy manner. This shows optimism. The smooth connectivity between the letters in his signature reveals someone with good ability to connect ideas. This trait is common in writers. However, there is another trait that may not be easily seen, which reveals some deviant behaviour in him or a ready disposition to challenge the status quo and push limits. Time would not permit in this edition to explain that in detail.

In our next edition, we shall examine another celebrity and see the connection between their handwriting and their true personality.

Always remember, “if you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way.”


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