Stop Ritual Killing of Persons Living with Albinism – Epelle



Stop Ritual Killing of Persons Living with Albinism – Epelle

Mr Jake Epelle, Founder of the Albino Foundation, has appealed to Nigerians and Africans to stop killing people living with albinism for ritual propose.

Epelle made the appeal when he featured on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum special interview programme on Sunday in Abuja.

He said “when the news broke that there were rituals coming out of all African countries, Tanzania and all that; not only is it true, I have seen it with my eyes.”

According to him, the country has witnessed its share of cases of persons living with
albinism being killed for ritual proposes.

He said that in April 2014, he was almost a victim but was able to escape from the driver who tried to take him to an unknown destination.

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“These are issues that surround albinism that have not been touched,” he said.

Epelle added that the foundation had also done a lot to ensure the protection of persons with disabilities in the country, including seeking hotlines from the police.

He said “I have gone to police to ask for hotlines where my members can call or encourage our members to report cases that we have to follow up.

“The Disability Rights Fund had once given us money with which we trained persons with albinism on how to protect their rights, how to promote their rights and how to prosecute those who violate their rights.”

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He said that the Albino Foundation had inaugurated ‘the albinism champion’ and compiled handbooks in different languages to correct some of the myths and superstitions about albinism.

Epelle, therefore, appealed to the public to accord persons living with disability compassion and fair treatment to enable them to live their lives without fear of being violated (


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