Workshop on Strategic Negotiation Skills


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Course Objectives: At the end of the program, participants will

  • Understand the Principles, Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation
  • Become More Familiar with the Whole Process of Negotiation from Preparation to Closing the Deal
  • Be Able to Resolve Conflicts and Deadlocks in Negotiation Easily
  • Enable The Participants Explore The Possibilities of a Wide Range of Options

Date: October 11-12, 2016  

Venue: Pharmanews Training Centre, 8, Akinwunmi Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos

Programme Content:

  • Understanding Negotiation
  • Communication Skills for Effective Negotiation
  • Negotiation concepts: Options, Interest, ZOPA, BATNA, WATNA, Costs etc
  • Negotiation Power and Positions
  • Principled Negotiation
  • Developing Strategies for Negotiation
  • Planning for a Negotiation Session
  • Defining the Negotiation Objectives
  • Managing a Negotiation Meetings
  • Pitfalls in negotiation
  • Negotiation Styles and colour
  • Personality traits, types and negotiators
  • Dealing With Win Lose Negotiators
  • Handling Objections in Negotiation
  • Negotiation with Customers
Pharmanews releases 2015 Training Programme

For Whom: 

Senior/Middle level Managers, Managers, Heads of Units/Departments, Medical Directors, Purchasing Officers/Managers, Key Account Managers, Public Sales Managers, Project Managers, Business Development Managers/Executives, Customer Services/Relationship Managers/Executives

Investment Value:  N60,000.00



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