Embassy launches low sodium chloride salt, “Lo Sodum”


To ensure Nigerians continue to enjoy their favourite delicacies with enough salt taste and yet avoid harm to their hearts through ingestion of high sodium chloride present in common salt, Embassy Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Ltd, has launched a low sodium salt, Lo Sodum into the Nigerian market.

The launch of Lo Sodum salt, which has less than 50 per cent sodium chloride compared to the common salt in the Nigerian market took place at a colourful ceremony, attended by top cardiologists and other top health care practitioners. The event was held at Westown Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, recently.

The event chaired by Prof. D. A. Oke, consultant cardiologist/CMD, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, was also graced by the DG, NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii, President of the PSN, Pharm. Olumide Akintayo; President, Nigerian Cardiac Society/Consultant Cardiologist, Prof. Solomon Danbauchi and other eminent personalities.

In his opening remarks at the occasion, the chairman, Prof. D. A. Oke, commended Embassy for introducing Lo Sodum salt. He said that with the introduction of the low sodium salt, Embassy was playing a pivotal role in helping to solve the problem of hypertension.

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He said that there is sodium chloride in the staple foods aside the other processed adding that the fact that the new salt from Embassy has half sodium chloride compared to the common salt in the market makes it quite beneficial for people living with hypertension.

While making his presentation, Prof. Solomon Danbauchi, the guest speaker said that studies have shown a relationship between salt intake and blood pressure, adding that health professionals have always look for a way to ensure that people eat diet with low salt.

He noted that Low Sodum salt can thus help people with hypertension to ensure they consume low sodium chloride while still enjoying their food.

He stated that it is impossible to tell people to avoid salt consumption completely, adding that reduction in salt consumption is a easier gospel to preach.

He said that the low sodium chloride, Low Sodium can thus help both in prevention of hypertension and management of the condition.

In his presentation, Dr. C. Amadi, the keynote speaker said that man was programmed to take low sodium chloride, adding that there is a direct relationship between ingestion of sodium chloride in salt and blood pressure.

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He noted that even though there is a genetic basis for salt sensitivity, studies have shown that the more salt we take, the more the blood pressure rises.

Dr. Amam C. Mbakwem, an associate professor/consultant physician and cardiologist, in her presentation, noted that hypertension remains a very high risk cardiovascular factor. She said that what perhaps should be done is to balance the sodium chloride and potassium content in salt.

The DG NAFDAC while also speaking at the event commended Embassy for introducing the low sodium salt. He said that Embassy has always been at the forefront of bringing in good products to Nigeria.

He also commended the company for bringing eminent physicians to educate guests present at the occasion on the issue of salt and health, adding that with his presence at the event, he is confirming that the product has been evaluated and approved by NAFDAC.

The PSN president, Pharm. Olumide Akintayo, while also speaking at the occasion noted that Lo Sodum salt with its low sodium chloride is good news for Nigerians.

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He said that he is not surprised with the giant stride of Embassy because the company is one of the leading lights of the profession in Nigeria.

Also speaking at the event, Pharm. (Sir) Ifeanyi Atueyi, managing director of Pharmanews Limited, commended and congratulated Embassy for introducing the product, which he described as first of its kind in Nigeria and perhaps in the whole of Africa.

Pharm. (Sir) Nnamdi Obi, MD/CEO of Embassy while thanking dignitaries at the occasion for their presence and support, said that there is a nexus between what we eat and our state of health.

He said that his company decided to bring in the product, having seen the need for it in this clime.

He noted that based on the submissions of eminent health professionals at the event, it is very clear that salt is a very serious health issue.

Pharm. (Sir) Nnamdi Obi, MD/CEO, Embassy Pharm. & Chem. Ltd., speaking at the event.

Prof. Solomon Danbauchi, president, Nigerian Cardiac Society and guest speaker, speaking with journalists at the event.


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