HIV Prevalence Is Higher Among Nigerian Women Than Men-Dr Ezechi


For the Nigerian mothers, sisters and daughters to survive, and to bring forth an AIDS free generation, it is incumbent on all stakeholders to strategically plot against the conspiracy of nature, culture and man. This should be done through conscious effort to educate women to not only delay age at coitarche,  but empower them to be self-sufficient, institutionalise laws that delay the age at marriage, abhors and prevent violence against women, as well make life-saving ARV drugs accessible and affordable to women and their families, Dr Oliver Chukwujekwu Ezechi, deputy director, research, has said.

Dr Ezechi, while presenting the 6th Distinguished Lecture, of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Yaba , Lagos,  on November 9, 2016, identified the Nigerian female gender with more HIV occurrences than men, putting it at 60 per cent of the HIV positive population.

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“However, the HIV infection in female population continued to increase and presently women constitute about 60% of HIV positive population, while the risk of a woman contracting HIV is 2 to 4 times higher than that of a man”, he asserted.

The expert, whose findings were based on twelve years of research at the HIV Testing Service of NIMR, was particularly worried about the geometrical increase of the infection among the female population, said it is an issue beyond the women, but it is a conspiracy of nature, culture and man.

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