How to care for your Ear


Ear WaxCould you believe that several attempts made by you to remove wax from your ear were only increasing your risk of developing ear impairment? Otolaryngologists from the American Academy of Otolaryngology have warned on the dangers of using sharp objects in probing the ear. The ear specialists, who have listed a number of things you should never do to your ears, noted that earwax in a moderate amount is healthy and serves as a self-cleaning agent with protective, lubricating, and antibacterial properties, absence of may result in itchy ears.

Having said this, it is important to go through the Do’s and Don’ts list of ear care. Find t hem below:

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  1. DON’T undergo ear candling to remove ear wax—it doesn’t work.
  2. DON’T…use a Q-tip to clean out your ears. Better yet, remove them entirely from your bathroom medicine cabinet.
  3. DON’T…expose your ears to continuous loud noises. Translation: turn your iPod down, or reduce number of hours on ear piece use.
  4. DON’T…smoke
  5. DON’T…ignore sudden hearing loss
  6. DON’T… use ear plugs if you have wax problems
  7. DON’T…try to remove ear wax on your own
  8. DON’T…use anything smaller than your elbow to clean inside your ears.
  9. DON’T…eat right before you go to bed—eat at least 3 hours before instead.
  10. DON’T…scratch the inside of your ear with a pen or any sharp object.
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  1. Use a blow dryer to keep ears dry after water sports.
  2. DO…use nasal saline to keep nasal passageways clear during allergy season to prevent ear and sinus blockage.
  3. DO…apply sunscreen to the back of your ears as the skin there is prone to sun exposure.
  4. DO…use a 50:50 alcohol and vinegar solution as ear drops to evaporate excess water and keep your ears dry if you’re prone to swimmer’s ear.
  5. DO…see a physician if you experience sudden onset hearing loss
  6. DO… cover your ears when exposed to loud noises
  7. DO…have a qualified physician remove ear wax
  8. DO…use hydrogen peroxide or mineral oil to periodically loosen ear wax
  9. DO…use OTC decongestants while flying if prone to ear popping
  10. DO…use mineral or olive oil to drown live insects that get stuck in your ears (& get the dead insect removed by an ENT)
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