Secrets in Celebrities’ Signatures (3)


Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

There is no controversy over the fact that she is one of the most popular female talkshow hosts, whose brand resonates with people across the globe. If there is one thing many would agree that she is known for, it is her generosity. She regularly lavishes her fans and studio audience with loads of gifts. Interestingly, even her name, Degeneres, sounds like “the generous”.

However, there is something in her signature that many out there may not be aware of about her which can be seen readily and explained about her personality, graphologically speaking. It’s a secret I will conceal for now; just read on and find out later.

As I’ve always said, the handwriting or signature of anyone reveals a lot about their character traits just at a glance, helping to make informed decisions about them. All over the world, graphology has made its mark as the fastest profiling tool ever to be discovered by humans. Whoever has the knowledge can pick out traits from a handwriting sample or signature that speaks to the work ethics, social skills, emotional disposition, thought processes etc. of an individual. Even how an individual copes with stress can be figured out from the handwriting or signature in less than a minute, depending on how savvy the handwiritng expert is.

Doing a Background Check the “Write” Way

In this edition, we are looking at the signature of Ellen Degeneres and there are a number of things we can see from this kind of signature, not necessarily because it belongs to her.

The first noticeable feature in her signature is the size. A signature with big letters or that looks big overall shows a person who is generally outgoing. They love to meet with people or be around people; they’re social beings. They have no issues with having a lot of people in their space because this even gives them more energy.

The downward stroke of the letter “g” in her signature shows that she has good energy and drive to pursue tasks to a conclusive end. The ending stroke in the signature in context as we can see appears like a curved line which is a bit long. This connotes generousity traits, which, incidentally, Ellen is known for.

Relating With People the “Write” Way (2)

The smooth connectivity seen within the letters “E” and the two letter ‘l’s reveal her ability to connect and flow easily with ideas. This is a strong trait that puts any talkshow host at a vantage position. It’s a trait of intelligence and given the years of hosting her talkshow, we cannot but agree more that a whole lot of brainwork has gone into it.

However, what else among other things can we see from her signature? Any other secret revealed in her writing?

I wouldn’t know if she has ever put this out there but from the traits in her signature, Ellen is someone who would rather choose a faster and easier way of getting things done. The signature typifies a person not ready for the boredom that too many details about a thing would bring. All the fellow wants is, “let’s just get it done”. Ocasionally she can miss out on very important details but the simple way to mitigate that is by ensuring that some of her team members are well positioned to help her with the rigour of sorting out those details in her routine which she would avoid by all means.

Relating With People The “Write” Way (3)

Again, this isn’t about her but about the traits in her writing. Imagine the power of being able to profile an individual with speed and accuracy! Wouldn’t it help us make better decisions?

In our next edition, we shall examine another celebrity; you don’t want to miss it.

Always remember, “if you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way.”




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