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Understanding people the “write” way (2)
Dipo MacJob (DrWrite)

The advantage that graphology has over other personality assessment tools or typologies is that it has the capacity to give insight into the basic character traits of the writer, dead or alive. In the next couple of editions to come, we shall be looking at various celebrities from all over but in this edition, we shall be starting with someone who has been trending for a while on the social media across the globe. This is no other person than the renowned Will Smith.

If there was a name you were looking out for among Hollywood stars with a really successful career, then I can bet that Will Smith might likely be on your list of top 10. The way and manner in which he switched seamlessly from comedy to music to movies, and sometimes, combining all three, is simply phenomenal.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the flagship of comedy shows years ago and nearly the whole world got endeared to Will Smith as many got addicted to the comedy show. Just looking at Will, you instantly saw a likeable personality with a great sense of humour and perhaps I should also say, with a lot of swag.

Selecting a Career the “Write” Way (2)

However, could there be some other things we cannot readily figure out on the surface about this Hollywood legend, especially because somehow, he has been able to successfully stay above the waters of scandals that easily ruined many black American Hollywood stars? Or, are there strong potentials in his handwriting that warrant showing concerns about his behavioural tendencies? What can we see in Will Smith’s handwriting or signature that speaks of his personality or character traits?

Let me state clearly here that this write up is not intended to castigate or celebrate the celebrity we are discussing for the incident that took place at the last Oscar Awards but to objectively look at the features in his signature and handwriting and what they typify.

Handling Rejection


In handwriting analysis (graphology), the slant of a handwriting reveals the emotional outlay of the individual. The classic slant types are three in number – the right slant, the left slant or the vertical slant. Those whose handwriting slants towards left are generally more conservative. They don’t feel comfortable taking risks, preferring rather to err on the side of caution than on the side of action. Vertical slants are very objective in their approach and not easily bought by sentiments.

Right-slanted handwriting shows people who are generally expressive with respect to their emotions. You can be sure that even if no one cries foul about an injustice done somewhere, the right-slanted fellow would likely be the first to speak up. They would still express those ideas whether or not you care to listen.

Looking at the handwriting above, several personality traits can be seen, starting from the type of slant, which clearly is not just right-slanted but very much right-slanted. A handwriting that is verymuch slanted to the right hand side – which in graphology is referred to as the E+ slant, shows a person that is highly emotional and expressive. They sometimes struggle to delay gratification and sometimes do not think things through before responding or reacting. Could that be the reason why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock on the stage during the last Oscars after the provocation?

Secrets in Celebrities’ Signatures (3)

Don’t miss the next edition as we pick out other character traits in the handwriting /signature of Will Smith and what these reveal about who he really is. This is the power of non-verbal intelligence which the world needs to pay attention to. A lot can be covered up with smiles or under a garment but the handwriting shows the real personality the “write away”.

Always remember, “if you must get it right, you must do it the WRITE way”.

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