Selecting a Career the “Write” Way (2)



Understanding people the “write” way (2)
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Who should get the teaching Job?

In the previous edition, I did ask a question based on two handwriting samples belonging to two prospective pre-nursery teachers, as reproduced below. Of the two, who would you recommend for the job?

For the purpose of clarity, let us take the handwriting sample on the left, looking not so organised, as sample A;and the other, with cursive writing, as sample B.

To start with, the answer to the question is handwriting sample B. Some readers without any understanding of graphology might have arrived at the same answer, just by gut feelings or face value of how the handwriting sample is perceived; but to those who do have some basic knowledge or skill about the concept of graphology or handwriting analysis, they would agree with me that it is deeper than that.

Selecting a Career the “Write” Way

The fact that a handwriting sample appears neat does not mean that the owner is sane. Some of the world’s most notorious psychopaths had very beautiful handwritings. So, the yardstick is not necessarily the neatness but, first and foremost, the personality traits in the handwriting.

One major benefit or importance of handwriting analysis is in recruitment. Over the years, graphology research has got to a point globally where it can be comfortably deployed as a profiling or recruitment tool in any organisation that chooses to leverage its benefits. Several traits in handwriting have been found to typify certain behavioural characteristics and based on this, experts in this field over time have come to realise that certain traits in the handwriting samples of people predispose them to be more suitable for specific job types or vocations.

Selecting your Spouse the “Write Way”

For example, there are a combination of traits in a handwriting that you must look out for as a graphologist, if the job description in question is sales-related or more office-oriented, as the case may be. The task before the handwriting expert is to ensure that all the qualities desired in the new employee can be seen in the personality traits revealed in the handwriting of the applicant.

In this context, the vacancy here is the job of a pre-nursery school teacher and among several other traits which must be looked out for is patience, especially the willingness to take tasks one step at a time. This is essential for someone to manage children and it can be readily seen in the handwriting sample B.

Handling Rejection

Another trait that readily comes to mind is anger or temper tics. If you ask me who has more anger issues between sample A and B, the answer to that is sample A. One of the ways to find out the more angular of the two samples.

Again, as I have often noted, this are not the only parameters with which to judge; there are several other details to look out for.

In our next edition, we shall look into another area of interest.

Until then, always remember that “if you must get it right, you must do it the Write way.

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